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Contextual translation of "blindtarm" into English. Human Results for blindtarm translation from Swedish to English. API call Intestinum crassum caecum. Intestinum crassum; Körperteil; Organ. Wiktionary Translations for Dickdarm: Dickdarm. noun.

Intestinum crassum meaning in english

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In humans this fairly narrow (about 1 in./2.5 cm) tubelike structure winds compactly back and forth within the abdominal cavity for about 23 ft (7 m), and is known as the small intestine. The portion of the digestive tract extending from the stomach to the anus and, in humans and other mammals, consisting of two segments, the small intestine and the large intestine. Description. The large intestine extends from the end of the ileum to the anus.. It is about 1.5 meters long, being one-fifth of the whole extent of the intestinal canal. Its caliber is largest at its commencement at the cecum, and gradually diminishes as far as the rectum, where there is a dilatation of considerable size just above the anal canal.

Also called large bowel. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. large intestine: [TA] the distal (aboral) portion of the digestive tube extending from the ileocecal valve to the anus; it comprises the cecum (with appendix), colon, rectum, and anal canal; shorter in length but larger in caliber than the small intestine, the large intestine functions to absorb fluids and electrolytes and provide temporary n the fundamental statistical result that the average of a sequence of n identically distributed independent random variables tends to their common mean as n tends to infinity, whence the frequency of the occurrence of an event in n independent repetitions of an experiment tends to its probability Looking for intestinum crassum?

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Intestinal Telescoping, Intestinal Invagination Language: English / Español Intussusceptions can be chronic or intermittent, meaning that they will reduce  Translation for: 'Da mihi sis bubulae frustrum assae, solana tuberosa in modo gallico fricta, ac quassum lactatum coagulatum crassum' in Latin->English  Learn more in the Cambridge German-English Dictionary. large intestine [ Intestinum crassum] Dickdarm {m} med.

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large intestine. Related to intestinum: intestinum tenue, intestinum crassum intestine, muscular hoselike portion of the gastrointestinal tract extending from the lower end of the stomach (pylorus) to the anal opening. 1 (Also called) cabbage white a large white butterfly, Pieris brassicae, with scanty black markings, the larvae of which feed on brassica leaves.

Look through examples of Intestinum tenue translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. intestinum definition in the English Cobuild dictionary for learners, intestinum meaning explained, see also 'intestinal',intensity',interesting',intersection', English vocabulary intestine meaning in Hungarian » DictZone English-Hungarian dictionary. Default dictionary: Theme. Change vastagbél (intestinum crassum) intestinum ileum in Chinese : 《英汉医学词典》intestinum ileum …. click for more detailed Chinese translation, meaning, pronunciation and example sentences. intestinum crassum Übersetzung, Englisch - Französisch Wörterbuch, Siehe auch , biespiele, konjugation Tjocktarm, grovtarm eller intestinum crassum är en av tarmkanalens huvuddelar. Den är cirka 1,5 meter lång i en människa.
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The digestive tube passing from the stomach to the anus. It is divided primarily into the intestinum tenue (small intestine) and the intestinum crassum (large intestine). 2. muscular hoselike portion of the gastrointestinal tract extending from the lower end of the stomach (pylorus) to the anal opening.

with examples: large intestine.
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Dickdarm: translate German - Swedish - Translate Dutch, English

intestinum jejunm in Chinese : 空肠 …. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. large intestine translation in English-Latin dictionary.

Dickdarm: translate German - Swedish - Translate Dutch, English

See also. intestino tenue intestino ciego (Spanish) Noun intestino ciego (masc.) (pl Need to translate "crassum" from Latin? Here's what it means. English Translation. thick. More meanings for crassum. coarse · crassum.

intestinum crassum. Blindtarm.